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    In an interview with this older gentlemen she mentions a new role.

    She was asked about other roles (challenging) and she mentions SA was a darker role.  She said she was happy to do glee but…

    I think I am  ready to try some more challenging possible darker roles. Um I actually  just got something I am very excited about, though I can’t  say what it is, but is is starting to go down  a different path trying different things.



    I met her and she did not disappoint. She truly is one of a kind.
    She was five feet away and the moment she smiles your way, trust me, you can’t even remember your own name.

    Lea Michele and Matthew Paetz in Italy

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    Ciao Italy! You are so beautiful! I’m so happy to be here! 🇮🇹

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    Lea talks about being italian. (x)

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    I have two questions for you: First, second and third season of Glee were amazing but then the show lost some viewers and I’m interested… do you think that the quality is getting neglected from season to season? And second question (about her auditions)… (x)

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